Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 10 Day 2

Welcome back to my Warrior Dash training blog.

The workout:

57 minute easy trail-run. 

I originally meant to run 50 minutes but I got a little ambitious with my trail choices and ended up going a bit too long.  It was worth it though.  The rain in Ohio has been non-stop lately and Columbus is under flood warnings…which makes trail running even more fun.  The trails we’re incredibly muddy, which was great Warrior Dash practice, but the water from the river is so high that a lot of them we’re completely under water by a couple feet, so I couldn’t make it a full trail run. I resorted to the normal toe-paths next to the bike trail at times.

Regardless, yesterday’s run reminded me of how much I love running in the woods and on trails. I’m excited for all of my long runs coming up, and hopefully can find some new trails around my new home in Westerville.  If anyone has any suggestions, just let me know.

I used the Google Pedometer function  to map my distance and it ended up being a little over 7 miles.  Given the terrain, I’m fairly happy with the resulting average mile time of 8:08.  This run brings my total miles to 11 for the week and it’s only the second day…and is more miles than I’ve run any week so far in my training.

The meals:

I think my body is working on getting used to the protein shakes.  I’m not feeling as worn down as I normally do at this point in the week.

Tonight’s workout:

“Cindy” from Crossfit.  I’m considering doing a Crossfit Endurance workout afterwards if I’m feeling up to it.  If not, I’ll run through my ab routine. 

How I feel today:

Like I said before, at this point in the week I start to feel a little worn down with my 12+ hour days, but not this week.  I feel great and I can’t wait to keep pushing myself.  If for some reason you’re trying to follow my workouts, good luck out there today.

 I wish my trails looked like this.


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