Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 10, Days 5 and 6

The workout:

Crossfit’s hero workout “Forrest”

Give this workout a try and unless you religiously Crossfit, you will be feeling this for a few days.  I did this workout 6 hours after my last meal, so I was feeling drained afterwards and didn’t do the Crossfit Endurance workout afterwards.  It’s Monday and my chest is still sore from this workout and I have no clue why.

The workout is:

20 L Pull-ups
30 toes-to-bar
40 burpees

3 sets, as fast as possible.

My final overall time was 48:49 for the whole workout.  I was dripping sweat the entire time, and I made sure I wasn’t taking any rest other than transitioning between exercises. My 800 times were 2:57, 2:47, 2:52 while being completely fatigued from the burpees. 

The hardest part for me was the toes-to-bar’s.  My grip isn’t strong enough to do more than a few in a row and I couldn’t build up any swinging momentum to assist me because I’m too tall for any of the equipment.

Weekend workout:

On Saturday, my buddy was in town and he’s training for a secondary NFL combine, so I was planning on working out with him.  He ended up doing a lot of speed-form drills, which won’t really help me out with the Warrior Dash, so I decided to give “Death by 10M” a try.

The workout:

Death by 10M is exactly what it sounds like.  You set up 2 cones exactly 10M apart and then start your watch.  In minute 1, you have to run 10M and touch the line by the cone.  Whatever time left in the minute is your rest.  In minute 2, you have to run 20M and touch the line at each cone.  Minute 3 is 30M, and so on.  Your goal is to sprint between the cones to gain some agility.  Also, as the distance increases, your rest decreases and the workout then becomes incredible grueling.

I finished 17 rounds.  Not bad for my first attempt.  I recovered in just a few minutes, so next time I try this, I’ll probably go for 3 rounds.

I also did some 10M sprints and 20M cone-drills with my buddy to work on my sprinting/agility.

It’s Monday and I am completely sore from this workout.  My lower back is sore from beding over, and my hip-flexors/groin are toast from the lateral movements and using my long-dormant sprinting muscles.

Tonight’s workout:

I have Baron scheduled for today, but that’s supposed to be a speed workout and considering how I feel and the weather almost reaching 50, I’m going for a long-run on the gravel and hills of Highbanks.  I’ll probably knock out 6.5-8 miles, depending on how I feel.

Take is easy Warrior Dashers.


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