Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 11, day 2

It is now the mid-point in my training for Warrior Dash.  I have to keep my eye on the prize:

Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling like everything has been going downhill as opposed to improving.  I think I figured out why though.  I went from indoor running on a 12 lap/mile track (which helps me keep pace very easily) with people around watching (which makes me run faster) to running out in the wilderness on dirt, mud, and gravel with hills and rain with no one around and rarely a mile-marker.  On top of that, I went from standard running shoes to minimalist trail shoes – which is basically a completely new form for me and killing my calves. 

I’m on the fence about what I should; stick with my minimalist shoes and see what happens, or go back to my old ones?  Maybe I’ll try and ease into the new MT101’s a little bit by wearing my traditional shoes once or twice a week.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The workout:

I was sore all over so I decided to take it easy and do some light lifting.


Set 1:
3x15 pull-ups
3x15 dips
3x15 20lb kettlebell swings

Set 2:
3x15 20lb Arnold’s
3x15 135lb bench press
3x15 2x45lb plate shoulder shrugs


Then a quick ab routine

Tonight’s workout:

I was planning on Baron as a speed workout, but my calves are still fried.  It’s also raining out and I don’t know where I could find a good outdoor location with at the very least ¼ mile markers.  I’m going to dread this workout if it’s indoors though.  Blah blah blah, I’m full of excuses this week. 


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