Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 9 Day 4

Welcome back fellow Warrior Dash competitors. It's now the last day of the work-week and I'm feeling ready for the weekend. 

Let's get into it.

The workout:

Stretch X – This is a 50-some minute stretching workout from the P90X video series. 

The stretches do not require you to be Gumby to perform, and the holds aren’t for ridiculous amounts of time, which I think is amazing.  Also, they offer several variations of most stretches so beginners can take part in this too.  Typically this type of workout frustrates me, but somehow Stretch X doesn’t, and since the video includes warm-up and cool-down, 50 minutes is a really efficient use of time.

I typically throw a Stretch X into my routine when I’m feeling a little run-down or tight and I’d recommend the same.  Also, it’s a great Saturday/Sunday workout to help get you limber and ready for a week of difficult training.  Since I was feeling run-down/sore yesterday, this was the perfect workout.

Once I was finished, I felt amazing.  It was like a runner’s high, but I felt good all over because I was loose and limber.

The meals:

Breakfast – mixed fresh fruit, 1 Greek yogurt, 1 cinnamon raisin bagel, and 1 banana

Lunch – homemade mac n’ cheese

Dinner – 2 large spicy chicken breasts, 1 hash-brown, and two servings of peas.

I had a protein bar after my workout and I got home at around 8 and ate some peanuts and drank some V8 fruit/veggie fusion.

I still need some diet adjustments, but I woke up this morning and I’ve gone down a whole belt size, which is interesting so I must be doing something right. I’ve got a body comp. test scheduled for Monday so we’ll see where I’m at.  I think the last time I got it done was in November and I was at 8% body fat.

How I feel today:

I feel really good.  My calves are still sore from Wednesday’s workout, but overall I’m feeling energized and ready for the workout tonight.

Tonight’s workout:  My own modified version of CrossFit’s “hero” workout Daniel

I’m close to the half-way point in my training…I just have to keep my mind focused and make sure I take care of my body.  Warrior Dash, Warrior Dash, Warrior Dash….



  1. oh sounds pretty intense, bet thats a good workout

  2. I think I need to incorporate more stretching into my routine especially for quads/hip flexors, adductors/groin, and overall hip mobility. Any ideas osmosis?