Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 11 Day 1

The workout:

Gravel/hill trail run at Highbanks – 4 miles in 27:14 – which is 6:48/mile pace.  This is a picture of an actual part of the trail that the Warrior Dash is going to be on:

My running partner got lost on the trails, so I had to loop back 2.5 miles to find her.  I didn’t time myself, but my pace wasn’t fast at all.

I think I did a decent job for my first outdoor run on hills, especially considering how sore I was.  I felt like a tank the entire run though, and felt like I couldn’t get a decent stride in at most times.  Plain and simple; my endurance is crap.

It’s time to start planning some two-a-days for the coming weeks to fix this problem.

The food:

I was avoiding carbs as much as possible but my body seemed to be craving it…so I caved and ate some homemade Lasagna last night. Being accustomed to eating huge meals, cutting carbs makes me feel like I’m never full. I think I need to find some good foods to replace that urge.  Any suggestions?

Tonight’s workout:

I’ve got “Justin” planned, which is basically just lifting so I can rest my muscles.  I’ll probably throw in a mile jog in my Vibram’s just to get the blood flowing though.


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